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Taiwan has developed medical technology, medical cosmetic, and physical examination for many years, especially in Tainan; moreover, the cost of these medical services in Taiwan is only 1/5 of U. S., and 1/2 of Singapore. In 2000, the people of Taiwan ranked second in the world in the National Health Service Appraisal composed by The Economist, second only to Sweden, needless to say, Taiwan’s score is higher than U.S., Japan, and other advanced countries. Taiwan is proud to have these advanced medical services and technology which allow its people to live healthy, happy lives.


Taiwan has established an international reputation for craniofacial surgery, liver transplantation, cardiovascular therapy, assisted reproductive technology, joint replacement surgery and many other procedures. Thus many overseas patients come to Taiwan seeking treatment every year. To develop medical services at such a high international standard, the government actively promotes a number of hospitals to apply for relevant certification of International Medical Service.


Tainan mayor Cing-De Lai fully supports medical tourism, so we make the effort to make our city become a healthy city that is the top of the world. We hope that tourists will not only appreciate the beauty of Tainan, but also enjoy the high standard of medical services. Mayor Lai also points out that just like the Black-faced Spoonbill, which spends their winter in Tainan every year; he hopes that international tourists will develop the habits of regularly visiting the sunny Tainan every year. For the purpose of health medical tourism, wishing to make Tainan become part of the countries where can conduct physical examination and go sightseeing in the winters.